Section Edited by Christian M. Capitini, MD Reaction to and/or perspectives on significant events in the field of cancer immunotherapy as pertains to basic science. May address a critical challenge; elaborate on, or extend a conversation of, a focal article; provide an application of a hypothetical perspective; or provide expert insight on a particular controversy in the field.

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Author response to Cunha et al
Rivka R Colen, Christian Rolfo, Murat Ak, Mira Ayoub, Sara Ahmed, Nabil Elshafeey, Priyadarshini Mamindla, Pascal O Zinn, Chaan Ng, Raghu Vikram, Spyridon Bakas, Christine B Peterson, Jordi Rodon Ahnert, Vivek Subbiah, Daniel D KarpSee the full list of authors

27 July 2021