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Imaging and Immunotherapy

Edited by Elisabeth G.E. de Vries and Lawrence H. Schwartz Novel imaging techniques and analyses have become increasingly utilized tools in cancer research for informing treatment decisions. Their expanding role in oncology is well documented; however, the applications for immuno-oncology have been detailed less extensively. This series highlights the developments in imaging approaches to immunotherapy and provides an overview of the current state of imaging techniques in the immuno-oncology field. Authored by leading voices from a multitude of backgrounds, including oncologists, imaging scientists, and radiologists, “Imaging and Immunotherapy” explores novel imaging strategies, new approaches to conventional imaging – including the use of artificial intelligence, radiomics, and MRI – and special considerations for radiotherapy, immunotherapy, and imaging. Comprised of several authoritative reviews, this JITC series illustrates the multidisciplinary approach vital to the use of imaging for immunotherapy as well as challenges to be overcome for new imaging methods to be implemented into daily use.

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Artificial intelligence and radiomics: fundamentals, applications, and challenges in immunotherapy
Laurent Dercle, Jeremy McGale, Shawn Sun, Aurelien Marabelle, Randy Yeh, Eric Deutsch, Fatima-Zohra Mokrane, Michael Farwell, Samy Ammari, Heiko Schoder, Binsheng Zhao, Lawrence H Schwartz

30 September 2022

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