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Immune Cell Therapies and Immune Cell Engineering

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Forecasting immune effector cell-associated neurotoxicity syndrome after chimeric antigen receptor t-cell therapy
Yalda Amidi, Christine A Eckhardt, Syed A Quadri, Preeti Malik, Marcos Santana Firme, Daniel K Jones, Aayushee Jain, Husain H Danish, Daniel B Rubin, Caron A Jacobson, Sydney S Cash, Jong Woo Lee, Jorg Dietrich, M Brandon Westover

30 November 2022

Adaptive single-KIRNKG2C NK cells expanded from select superdonors show potent missing-self reactivity and efficiently control HLA-mismatched acute myeloid leukemia
Alvaro Haroun-Izquierdo, Marianna Vincenti, Herman Netskar, Hanna van Ooijen, Bin Zhang, Laura Bendzick, Minoru Kanaya, Pouria Momayyezi, Shuo Li, Merete Thune Wiiger, Hanna Julie Hoel, Silje Zandstra Krokeide, Veronika Kremer, Geir Tjonnfjord, Stéphanie BerggrenSee the full list of authors

1 November 2022

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