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Immune Cell Therapies and Immune Cell Engineering

Section Edited by Marcela V. Maus, MD, PhD Immune cell therapies and cell engineering approaches, new targets, novel functionalities, clinical trial results, correlative studies in patients who have received cell-based therapies, novel engineering strategies (molecular switches, conditional expression, logic gating), gene-edited cells to knock out or knock in novel functions, synthetic gene circuits. Includes pre-clinical animal modeling (small and large) and clinical trials.

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Discovery of U2AF1 neoantigens in myeloid neoplasms
Melinda Ann Biernacki, Jessica Lok, Ralph Graeme Black, Kimberly A Foster, Carrie Cummings, Kyle B Woodward, Tim Monahan, Vivian G Oehler, Derek L Stirewalt, David Wu, Anthony Rongvaux, Hans Joachim Deeg, Marie Bleakley

12 December 2023