Liquid Biopsies

Edited by Valsamo Anagnostou and Mark D. Stewart Liquid biopsies have become increasingly utilized approaches in cancer research. As they gain momentum as minimally invasive means for cancer detection, characterization, monitoring, and interception, this series captures and synthesizes the current state of science of liquid biopsies, near term and future applications, and their clinical relevance for cancer immunotherapy and beyond. Authored by leading voices in cancer biology, technology development, and immuno-oncology, this JITC series features expert-opinion focused review articles on liquid biopsy- and ctDNA-related uses in immuno-oncology, with accompanying viewpoint letters from expert physicians that focus primarily on clinical relevance, challenges, and applicability. “Liquid Biopsies Coming of Age: Biology, Emerging Technologies, and Clinical Translation” aims to serve as a valuable resource to support continued research and validation of the use of liquid biopsies to deliver the earliest, best clinical care with precision. Check the collection throughout 2023 for new publications. Illustration credit: Jennifer Fairman and Valsamo Anagnostou.

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