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Oncolytic and Local Immunotherapy

Section Edited by Howard L. Kaufman, MD, FACS

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In situ vaccination with cowpea mosaic virus elicits systemic antitumor immunity and potentiates immune checkpoint blockade
Chenkai Mao, Veronique Beiss, Gregory W Ho, Jennifer Fields, Nicole F Steinmetz, Steven Fiering

2 December 2022

PD-L1/TLR7 dual-targeting nanobody-drug conjugate mediates potent tumor regression via elevating tumor immunogenicity in a host-expressed PD-L1 bias-dependent way
Xiaolu Yu, Yiru Long, Binfan Chen, Yongliang Tong, Mengwen Shan, Xiaomin Jia, Chao Hu, Meng Liu, Ji Zhou, Feng Tang, Henglei Lu, Runqiu Chen, Pan Xu, Wei Huang, Jin RenSee the full list of authors

17 October 2022

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