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Basic Tumor Immunology

Section Edited by Cornelis J.M. Melief, MD, PhD and Sjoerd H. van der Burg, PhD Tumor antigens, innate and adaptive anti-tumor immune mechanisms, immune regulation, immune response, cancer and inflammation, preclinical models, chemotherapy and radiotherapy interactions/combinations of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, other combination treatments with the anti-tumor immune response, and oncolytic viruses.

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Targeting of Cdc42 GTPase in regulatory T cells unleashes antitumor T-cell immunity
Khalid W Kalim, Jun-Qi Yang, Mark Wunderlich, Vishnu Modur, Phuong Nguyen, Yuan Li, Ting Wen, Ashley Kuenzi Davis, Ravinder Verma, Qing Richard Lu, Anil G Jegga, Yi Zheng, Fukun Guo

25 November 2022

Identification of natural product 3, 5-diiodotyrosine as APOBEC3B inhibitor to prevent somatic mutation accumulation and cancer progression
Chunxia Chen, Xinghua Sui, Haoming Ning, Yixuan Sun, Jiangfeng Du, Xiaotong Chen, Xiuman Zhou, Guanyu Chen, Wenhui Shen, Liwei Pang, Xiaowen Zhou, Ranran Shi, Wanqiong Li, Hongfei Wang, Wenshan ZhaoSee the full list of authors

2 November 2022

Mast cell-T cell axis alters development of colitis-dependent and colitis-independent colorectal tumours: potential for therapeutically targeting via mast cell inhibition
Juliana Y Sakita, Jefferson Elias-Oliveira, Daniela Carlos, Emerson de Souza Santos, Luciana Yamamoto Almeida, Tathiane M Malta, Mariângela O Brunaldi, Sergio Albuquerque, Cleide Lúcia Araújo Silva, Marcus V Andrade, Vania L D Bonato, Sergio Britto Garcia, Fernando Queiroz Cunha, Guilherme Cesar Martelossi Cebinelli, Ronaldo B MartinsSee the full list of authors

11 October 2022

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