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Emerging Immunotherapeutic Agents

Edited by Micheal Kalos, Ignacio Melero, and Laszlo Radvanyi This series is the culmination of a special call for papers that was conducted in early 2018. These original research articles add to the journal’s scope by addressing basic biophysical properties, synthesis and manufacturing, novel mechanisms of action, preclinical safety, pharmacokinetics (PK), pharmacodynamics (PD), immunogenicity, and regulatory information on new immunotherapy agents and their combinations. They focus on new agents that are intended to begin, or are undergoing, clinical development, while also including molecules that are in advanced clinical development or approved.

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Pan-cancer adaptive immune resistance as defined by the Tumor Inflammation Signature (TIS): results from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA)
Patrick Danaher, Sarah Warren, Rongze Lu, Josue Samayoa, Amy Sullivan, Irena Pekker, Brett Wallden, Francesco M. Marincola, Alessandra Cesano

22 June 2018

Targeting the TGFβ pathway with galunisertib, a TGFβRI small molecule inhibitor, promotes anti-tumor immunity leading to durable, complete responses, as monotherapy and in combination with checkpoint blockade
Rikke B. Holmgaard, David A. Schaer, Yanxia Li, Stephen P. Castaneda, Mary Y. Murphy, Xiaohong Xu, Ivan Inigo, Julie Dobkin, Jason R. Manro, Philip W. Iversen, David Surguladze, Gerald E. Hall, Ruslan D. Novosiadly, Karim A. Benhadji, Gregory D. PlowmanSee the full list of authors

4 June 2018

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