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Clinical/Translational Cancer Immunotherapy

Section Edited by Douglas G. McNeel, MD, PhD; Claudia Palena, PhD; and Jeffrey S. Weber, MD, PhD Clinical trials: prospective studies including first-in-man clinical trials, phase II/III clinical studies, and immune monitoring investigations. Small, single institution-based retrospective reports are discouraged. Preclinical studies: studies that lead to mechanistic understanding or novel development of agents and combination therapies directly relevant to human immunotherapy.

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IMPemBra: a phase 2 study comparing pembrolizumab with intermittent/short-term dual MAPK pathway inhibition plus pembrolizumab in patients with melanoma harboring the BRAFV600 mutation
Elisa A Rozeman, Judith M Versluis, Karolina Sikorska, Esmée P Hoefsmit, Petros Dimitriadis, Disha Rao, Ruben Lacroix, Lindsay G Grijpink-Ongering, Marta Lopez-Yurda, Birthe C Heeres, Bart A van de Wiel, Claudie Flohil, Aysegul Sari, Stijn W T P J Heijmink, Daan van den BroekSee the full list of authors

21 July 2023